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  End Table

Dear Formby's:

This mahogany end table sat in my parent's garage for years, gathering dust and cob webs. They were thrilled when I asked them if I could take it to refinish. It didn't look like much to me, but Dad assured me that it was a fine piece of furniture and well worth the effort. I learned that the table had belonged to my great-aunt Elizabeth and it was at least 100 years old. I'd never refinished anything before, but considering the poor condition that it was in, what did I have to lose?

I used all Formby's® products to do the job. I started with Formby's® Furniture Refinisher. I was amazed at how quickly the old finish dissolved. It seemed as though I was done in no time at all. And thanks to Formby's® Refinisher, the wood's beautiful patina remained unharmed.

I finished the table with three coats of Formby's® Low-Gloss Tung Oil. Dad was right. The table is a wonderful mahogany and it looks beautiful in my home.

Julie B.


  Cane Chair

Dear Formby's,

This cane chair is one of four that belonged to my great-grandfather. As you can see, the finish was badly worn over time. The damaged caning had been removed many years ago but never replaced. I decided that it was high time that these chairs come out of the attic and be given a new life.

Tackling the project one chair at a time, I used Formby's® Furniture Refinisher to remove the old varnish. I applied the refinisher with an old toothbrush in the grooves on the legs. In no time at all, the varnish was gone and the chair was down to the bare wood. I was then able to apply a wood stain and topcoat, readying the chair for re-caning.

Now all four chairs are refinished and re-caned. My next step is to find a table I can refinish to match them.

Thanks Formby's.

Karen E.






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