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If you have a Formby's® refinishing project you're proud of, we'd like to know about it. In this special section, we'll share your successful makeovers with fellow refinishers.

To add your project to our Showcase, please fill out the Submission Form, describing your successful project. If we select your project, it will be featured in an upcoming Project Showcase, where thousands of refinishers will be inspired by your vision and your success.


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Dear Formby's:

Thanks for the great product. I purchased your furniture refinishing kit to create a teacup display for my wife. The two pieces of door trim were salvaged from the basement of my 93 year old house. I followed your directions, added hooks and button stops, and was able to give my wife's collection a nice place to rest.

I thought I would share the pictures with you. One is of the two pieces side by side; a before and after shot. The other is of the finished project. Thanks again for making it so easy. The results were exactly what I wanted.

Andy Fahey

Raw materials, before and after


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