Helpful Refinishing Tips

Preparation is key

Make sure your refinishing project is safe and more enjoyable by preparing yourself and your work area before you get started. Make sure the project area is well ventilated. Protect the entire area from drips and any errant flicks of chemicals with heavy plastic. Make sure you are wearing protective goggles, chemical resistant gloves and old clothes/shoes. Most importantly, have fun!

Clean-up can be easy!
Cleaning up during a refinishing job is not fun, but the process can be easier if you have all the items you need. Be sure to have lots of newspaper and/or flattened cardboard boxes on hand . Place newspaper under the project and at least 1 1/2 ft. around it. Under legs or spindles, use paper plates or disposable pie tins to pick up any dripping. Cardboard comes in handy for cleaning softened paint or finish off of your scraper. When you're finished, place the paper and cardboard outside and let chemicals evarporate. For proper disposal, call your local sanitation department and ask for specific regulations.

When using Formby's® Paint & Poly Remover, remember to to use a disposable brush. Apply remover with the brush for a single thick coat. DO NOT re-apply or try to move the remover around. Allow plenty of time to elapse before removing with a plastic scraper. And you will find beauty underneath!

Tough Spaces - Legs & Scrollwork
To get hard to reach places on legs and scrollwork, place clear plastic wrap over Formby's® Paint & Poly Remover or Furniture Refinisher and let it sit for 30 minutes. Use a brass brush to clean out hard to reach places..


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